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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a vital life force, also known as Qi (氣). Reiki energy can heal, revitalise and energise our bodies. Our health and quality of living is closely related to our Reiki Energy level and flow. 

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki can reduce stress and increase relaxation. It improves overall mood and emotional well being. Reiki healing is holistic, and works well with people undergoing any treatments or surgeries. Finally, the Reiki session offers a healing space where self healing and quiet contemplation can occur.

What is Reiki Therapy?

Reiki Therapy is a complementary healing technique by using hand movements and placements on the body, which can also be done remotely. By improving the flow of Reiki in one's body, all aspect of life can improve. Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

What to Expect?

The personal experience and outcome varies from person to person. During the session, some might feel warmth,  tingling sensation, seeing colours or shapes. Most undergo through very deep meditative states. Healing occurs with or without any feelings or sensations.

For remote session, try to schedule a session where you can be meditating undisturbed for best effect.

Who needs Reiki?

Anyone can benefit from Reiki Therapy. Reiki energy is the fundamental of all living things, the more the better.

Reiki is especially helpful for people who are stressed, recovering from illnesses, depression, pains and anxieties. 

Reiki Aftercare

It is always advisable to drink warm water after any energy healing. Avoid negative emotions, like anger, grief, anxiety and fear as it drains off your energy fast. Practise mindfulness, kindness and be sincere to elevate and maintain your energy.

Reiki therapy can be done once every week.

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