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Light a set of Blessing Candles 24hrs

Blessing Candles for more Good Fortune, Wealth, Health & Luck 點燈祈福

  • 15 min
  • 78 Singapore dollars
  • Remote

Service Description

One set of 北斗七星 The Seven Stars of Northen Dipper Formation ( 7 Candles ) will be lighted on your behalf with your Name & Address, for your blessing. 7 Coloured Candles in The Seven Stars of Northen Dipper 北斗七星 formation creates a very powerful synergetic effect for our blessing and benefit. Each colour of the Candles has also the following benefits : Orange - Business, Success, Celebration White - Peace, Spirituality, Health Yellow - Wealth, Luck, Positivity Blue - Communication, Safe Travels, Inspiration Green - Abundance, Vitality, Growth Purple - Wisdom, Influence, Intuition Dark Blue - Protection, Banishing, Binding Each Star in the The Seven Stars of Northen Dipper 北斗七星 also provides the following meaning and blessing : Dubhe 天枢 - 贪狼 - Reputation, Fame, Attraction Merak 天璇 - 巨门 - Wealth, Influence, Sales Phecda 天玑 - 禄存 - Protection, Accumulation, Problem Solving Megrez 天权 - 文曲 - Recognition, Study Luck, Memory Alioth 玉衡 - 廉贞 - Career, Official Luck, Promotion Mizar 开阳 - 武曲 - Sports, Martial Arts, Leadership Alkaid 瑶光 - 破军 - Change, Closure, Closing of old chapter Candle has a long and respectable history in every aspect of the world, both mundane and magical. They are used in every religion for prayers, blessings, rituals and offerings. It is the oldest form of magick in the history of mankind. With the right intention, preparation and timing, Candle Magick can trigger a series of favourable events to our advantage. They are often used for inviting wealth, health, opportunities, benefactors and at the same, dissolve/lessen any calamities or karmic debts. Using Candle Magick strategically, for important events and on favourable dates can increase the probability of success or to enjoy a relatively smooth journey in every aspect of life. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please state your full name, birthday, address and your intention for the Candles. Candles will be lighted for 24 hours till they burn out. A short video of lighting your candles will be sent as proof to you upon full payment. No refunds after payment is made. You can expect beneficial synchronicities and coincidence to happen within 3 - 30 days. Results are not guaranteed but blessings will definitely be received. Results are individual due to personal karmic debts, state of mind, external environment and influence. Stay positive good things will happen.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours in advance. Thank you.

Contact Details

+65 84283821

#03-33 390 Victoria Street, Golden Landmark Shopping Centre, Singapore

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