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Candle has a long and respectable history in every aspect of the world, both mundane and magical. They are used in every religion for prayers, blessings, rituals and offerings. It is the oldest form of magick in the history of mankind. 

With the right intention, preparation and timing, Candle Magick can trigger a series of favourable events to our advantage. They are often used for inviting wealth, health, opportunities, benefactors and at the same, dissolve/lessen any calamities or karmic debts.

Using Candle Magick strategically, for important events and on favourable dates can increase the probability of success or to enjoy a relatively smooth journey in every aspect of life.

Love & Relationship is of great significance in our life journey. It is the most powerful force in our lives. It is also essential to our survival, happiness and fulfilment. Sometimes, just a little magick can smoothen and aid us in this aspect of life.

This Mojo is put together for the intention of 1) Increasing Passion & Desires between Couples, 2) Increasing Personal Magnetism & Manifesting Life Partner, 3) Bringing Benefactors and Promotes Harmonious Relationships, 4) Increasing Affinity & Romantic Chances and 5) Recover Lost Lover & Second Chances.

Find out how you could be the Magician of your own life


Money gives us financial freedom and choices in life. Being prosperous is our birthright and we should be living in abundance. In today's modern society, where the wealthiest 1% owns more 50% of the world's wealth, a little magick can go a long way to assist us to navigate our way to financial freedom. And sometimes what we need is a stroke of luck to set us on this journey of wealth & abundance. 

The Mojo is put together for the intention of increasing wealth and abundance through 1) Promotion & Pay Raise, 2) Increasing Sales & Business Leads, 3) Career Recognition & Advancement, 4) New Opportunities & Business Ideas and 5) Windfall & Luck

Find out how you could be the Magician of your own life

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