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Javier Lau

Fengshui Practitioner 

Reiki Master (NPO Japan Reiki Association)

Javier is the Founder of HVCM Studio. He started his journey in Chinese Metaphysics at a mere age of 22. Trained under the tutelage of a renowned Fengshui Master, he was actively involved in Fengshui projects across the globe. He was also part of the I -Ching organisation committee in Taiwan(国际易学大会)in 2019. Javier is also a Reiki Master by NPO Japan Reiki Association. 


A firm believer of self-knowledge and self-improvements, Javier has been traveling to learn from many Masters across the globe. He has been tutelage under Fengshui Masters,  Spiritual Master, Reiki Shihan, Meditation Guru. Javier continues to learn and grow in hope of brining more positive changes to people around him.


With alternative healing and Fengshui practices increasingly finding favour in the mainstream, Javier has worked with clients across all walks of life from C-level executives of global companies to urban creatives & professionals to graduates starting in their career path. Javier’s services cater to everyone, from Personal Bazi coaching to optimizing homes through fengshui to health & wellness practices through Reiki Healing and Meditation.


Born under the Element of Spiritual Fire and a life path of 11, Javier aspires to bring illumination to everyone around him. Javier's sensitivity to energy and the awareness of spiritual world from young has led him on a knowledge quest. He consumes books from spirituality, healing, metaphysics, philosophy, meditation and anything that could shed light on the truth. 

Javier is also an avid collector of healing crystals. He has special interest in the metaphysical properties of crystals and the alchemical effect on our body and mind. Thus, at HVCM Studio, there is a collection of healing crystals and spiritual jewelleries available for your needs. Visit us to find out more.

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Fengshui Project in St. Moritz Switzerland

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