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Let us show you how HVCM Studio can help you:

HVCM Studio is a healing space created by Founder Javier. Using the knowledge of Fengshui and Reiki Energy, HVCM started with the idea of a healing sanctuary in the midst of the bustling city. With soothing music, candles, essential oil and crystals, the healing starts the moment one steps into HVCM.

HVCM focuses on exploring one's true potential through Bazi (Life) Reading and healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual through Reiki Healing. True potential can be better reached when past hurts or traumas are let go, healed and converted to a source of power. And True healing occurs when there is a release and a diligent exploration of a new path. This synergistic combinations of Life Reading and Reiki Healing are the core services of HVCM Studio.

Other services include Remote Healing, Divination and Luck Enhancement Practices and Fengshui Enhancement services. 

HVCM also retails Healing Crystals, Candles and Spiritual Jewelleries.

Visit Us

390 Victoria Street

Golden Landmark Complex

#03-33, S188061, Singapore

WhatsApp : +6584283821
​Email :

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